Asset views are auxiliary files attached to a primary asset. Common uses include:  closed caption files, release forms for usage rights, or alternate photography—they are often used to store pre-baked derivatives or watermarked versions of the main asset. Views do not return in search results and are only visible on the Views tab in the asset detail view. Views can be managed by users that are  Producer level or higher.

Managing views

Adding views

  1. Use the plus button found along the top-left of the Views tab to begin adding a view. 
  2. Give your new view a Name (mandatory).
  3. Give your new view a Description (optional). This description is limited to 255 characters.
  4. Use the Select file button to open a file picker. Select the view file you wish to upload.
  5. Click Save to upload your view.


Click a view's action menu  button and choose Download.


Click a view's action menu  button and choose Edit. You can edit the NameDescription, or replace the file used for the view.


To permanently delete the view from the asset, click the action menu button and select Delete.

System-generated views

While system-generated views may be replaced or edited, it is not recommended unless you understand how the new file will affect the functionality of the primary asset.

Certain file types automatically receive system-generated views when they are uploaded to NetX. 


The previewXMP file records a file's embedded metadata when it is uploaded into NetX. You can view this data in the Embedded metadata tab found on an asset's  detail page . If an asset is  reimported or  checked in , this embedded data may update.


The previewH264 file allows you to view a preview of a video file on its  detail page .


The previewMP3 file allows you to view a preview of an audio asset on its  detail page .

Advanced settings




Requires restart?



If this property is true, the contents of document files will be indexed and searchable while performing both keyword  and  advanced  content searches.




If this property is true, the contents of views will be indexed and searchable while performing  keyword  and  advanced content searches.

image.downloadThresholdAddViewstrue/falseIf this property is  true , then a  Views  section will be available when choosing  download options No
image.downloadThresholdViewFiltertext inputUse this property to exclude specific views from appearing in download options . For example, previewXMP and preview VTT. Separate multiple views with a comma.No