Display a non-destructive watermark on thumbnails and previews throughout the application, or destructively watermark asset downloads, PDF contact sheets, and other derivative files.

Non-destructive watermarking

Overlay a specified image across all thumbnails, previews, and zoom views. For more information, see Non-destructive Watermarking.

Watermarking via repurposing

Apply a destructive watermark to downloaded images via the repurpose action. For more information, see Watermarking via Repurposing.

Watermarking PDFs

Configure NetX to automatically apply a watermark across all images in a PDF contact sheet. For more information, see Watermarking PDFs.

Watermarking via AutoTask

Automatically apply destructive watermarks to proxies and views when certain criteria are met via AutoTasks. For more information, see Watermarking via AutoTask.