As an alternative to manual repurposing, administrators can save combinations of repurpose operations into presets. By default, presets are available to all users with the ability to download or repurpose assets.

Managing presets

To access Presets, click the Systems  button in the lefthand sidebar and click the Presets tab. From here, you can:

  • View the full list of existing presets
  • Create a new preset
  • Edit a preset
  • Delete a preset

Creating presets

  1. Click the Systems  button in the lefthand navigational sidebar, then click the Preset tab.
  2. Click the upper-left plus button to create a new preset
  3. Give the new preset a Name and a Description, then click Save and add operations
  4. Use the Image preset editor to apply operations to the stock image. To learn about each operation, see repurpose operations
  5. Once all of your operations have been applied and you are ready to save your preset, use the action menu  button and click Save.

Editing presets

  1. Click the Systems  button in the lefthand navigational sidebar, then click the Preset tab.
  2. Find the preset you wish to edit, click the action menu and click Edit.
  3. Edit the Name or Description of the preset; to edit its operations use the Edit operations button.
  4. Add, remove, or manipulate operations to the existing preset as though you were creating a new preset.
  5. When you are finished editing the preset, click the action menu  button and Save the preset to overwrite the original – or Save as to create a new preset using your current set of operations.

To reset changes made to your existing preset, click the action menu  button and choose Reset.

Saving and editing a preset from a repurpose action

Administrators can save or edit presets while manually repurposing a single image asset.

Saving a new preset

  1. Initiate a repurpose action on an individual image. 
  2. Begin adding operations to your image.
  3. When all of your operations have been added, use the action menu  button and choose Save
  4. Give your new preset a Name and Description
  5. Click Save.  

Your new preset will be available while repurposing assets or from the Preset tab in the Systems area. 

Editing an existing preset

  1. Initiate a repurpose action on an individual image.
  2. Choose an existing preset from the Presets dropdown.
  3. Add, remove, or modify any existing operations which have been applied by the preset.
  4. Use the action menu  button and choose Save. This will overwrite the existing preset. If you'd like to create a new preset instead of overwriting, choose Save as from the action menu. This will allow you to give your new preset a name and description unrelated to the original preset.

Applying presets

Users with download privileges can use presets while downloading or sharing assets if the site is configured to present presets as a download option. Presets are displayed on the download optionwindow and will download repurposed files to your local storage with all operations in the preset applied.

Advanced settings




Restart required?
User level, numerical equivalent

The value of this property must correspond to a numerical user level, which determines the minimum user level allowed to manually repurpose an individual asset.

True / False

If this property is true, saved presets will be presented as download options to any user able to download assets. If this property is false, saved presets will not appear as download options.