The Statistics module helps organizations gain insight into how NetX is being used to manage their assets. It offers usage graphs, weekly statistics, and a custom query tool. Data can be exported for further analysis in third party applications.

Accessing Statistics

To access the NetX Statistics information, click the pie chart icon in the left sidebar.

The Statistics area of NetX is divided into three sections: Usage, Weekly (overview), and Query.


The usage portion consists of arrangeable pods that give information in the following categories for each day of the last 30 days:

Number of Users

Number of Assets

Bandwidth used, in megabytes

Total Storage used, in gigabytes

Number of Jobs run

and a final pod with Details about storage volumes and usage in total over the last 30 days.


The pods may be dragged into any order you find helpful and each bar in the chart will give a precise number of the items for that particular day when hovered over.


The Weekly overview portion of Statistics shows two pie charts. One defaults to the current day and the other shows usage for the last seven days, including "today." Clicking a day of the week on the left side of the gallery will display the chart for that day. 

Hovering over a section of either pie chart will show the label for that "slice" as well the number represented. 

The legend for both charts is to the right, listing the statistics or potential statistics displayed. Hovering over an item shows the number for that statistic in both pie charts.

Definition of Terms for Tracked Statistics

User logins - This is the number times users have entered their username and password (or had this performed on their behalf by an SSO platform, etc)

Assets deleted - The number of assets permanently deleted from NetX

Assets delivered - These are assets that have been downloaded OR shared

Assets viewed - Assets that have had their Asset Detail or Preview pages opened

Assets searched - Search terms entered

Folders viewed - All folders open and shown in the gallery are counted in this statistic

Assets imported - Assets uploaded to NetX

Assets checked-in - All assets checked in.

Assets checked-out - All assets checked out

Assets linked - Assets with new relationships

Assets placed - Assets utilized within another document, using tools such as the NetX AdBuilder or the NetX CC Panel in InDesign.


In addition to the weekly statistics, custom queries can also be performed using the query tool. Note that the Sessions statistic is available via the query tool only.

To select a specific time frame, choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu and select dates where that option is available: 

Query results can be filtered on user or group by clicking the User filter button.

Viewing query data

Query data can be displayed in two ways:

Bar Chart

Depending on the length of time chosen, the bottom row will show months, weeks, or days. The column hight is determined by the number of assets, users, or folders in the query result.

List View

The list view can be seen by clicking the list icon to the right of the query options. It will display each action in NetX that satisfies the query and include the User Name, Action performed (Asset filename, folder name or user email), time and date of the action down to the second, and the domain from which NetX was accessed.

Downloading Statistics

To download a .csv file of your query results, click the Download button next to your query options. 


You may rename the .zip file containing your .csv.

The .csv file will list the query results in chronological order with headers reflective of the columns in the list view.