Perform a quick keyword search using the search bar at the top of the application window. Keyword searches match across the following attributes:

  • File: The full name (including extension) of the physical file stored in NetX, and is generated when uploading an asset.
  • Name: The internal label NetX uses for the asset. By default, this is the name of the physical file without the extension.
  • Extension: The file extension, indicating the file format e.g. jpgmp4pdf, etc.
  • Format family: A general format type without a specific extension, e.g. imagevideodocument, etc.
  • Folder name: The name of the folder the asset resides in.
  • Folder path: The full folder path that assets reside in.
  • Any custom attributes created by an administrator.

Once you begin typing into the search bar, a dropdown of suggested search terms may appear. Selecting a search suggestion will automatically perform an exact search for that term. 

Custom searches

Two other search types may be available to you from the search bar, if your site's administrator has enabled them:

  • Asset ID: Search for an asset by its unique asset identification number, generated when an asset is first uploaded in NetX. This feature must be enabled by your system administrator and is disabled by default.
  • Content: Search for text content in document files, e.g. pdfdoctxt files. Quotation marks should not be used to return results, even in the case of a quoted text such as a dialogue segment.

Performing a keyword search

  1. Make sure the dropdown to the left of the input bar at the top of your window is labeled Keyword. This will be the default search option when you first log in to the application.
  2. Type your search terms into the input bar.
  3. Hit enter on your keyword to perform the search, or select a search suggestion from the dropdown.


Advanced settings

Administrators can further customize search behavior using the following properties:

PropertyValue optionsDescriptionRequires Restart
true/falseIf this property's value is true, the keyword search feature will search asset IDs in addition to other keyword fields if numerical input is entered.No

If this property's value is true, text from document file types such as pdfdoc, and txt files will be indexed during upload or a reindex action. Note that if this property is changed after a document file is uploaded into NetX, that document will require reindexing

true/falseIf this property's value is true, users will be able to search for the content of document files, e.g. pdf, doctxt. Note that the property searchEngine.contentIndexingEnabled must be set to true and all document files reindexed before this feature returns content results.No
search.searchSuggestHeadertrue/falseIf this property is set to false, auto-suggest values will not appear when typing in the search bar.No