A "hierarchical attribute" configuration can be achieved in NetX through the use of tag attributes.

Create Dataset

  1. To use hierarchical metadata within NetX, start by creating a CSV (comma separated text file) with a string of values, as shown in the example below. 
  2. Log into NetX as an administrator, hover over the Tools menu, and select Datasets.
  3. Click Add dataset. Choose Data File in the Create From menu and then click Select File to browse for the .csv file you created earlier. Once the file has been properly upload, it will appear in the list of Datasets.

Example Dataset:

/Health & Fitness
/Health & Fitness / Trainer-Led Classes 
/Health & Fitness / Trainer-Led Classes / Yoga and Pilates

Create Tag Attribute

  1. While logged in as an administrator, navigate to the System area by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Click on Attributes on the left sidebar.
  3. Click Add attribute. For type, select Tag. Name the attribute, then select the dataset you uploaded earlier as the Source. 


The dataset then functions as a lookup table that can be queried when end users enter values in the tag attribute. For example, if a user by types  "Yo" into the attribute field, the auto-complete would suggest: "/Health & Fitness / Trainer-Led Classes / Yoga and Pilates." If the end-user selected this value, the asset would have values  of "Health & Fitness," "Trainer-Led Classes," and "Yoga and Pilates."