NetX provides the option to track historical values of certain attributes. Users with appropriate permission can view this history on each asset, as well as search for past values or changes made by a specific user or within a date range.

Before attribute history can be recorded or viewed, it must be enabled on an attribute by an administrator. See Enabling attribute history below.

Viewing attribute history

If an attribute is configured to be updated from an embedded field and is also configured to record history values, checking in a new version or promoting old versions will cause attribute history records to be written if the attribute gets a new/different value from the newly checked in or promoted version.

Users who can edit attribute values will see an Attribute history tab on an asset's detail page, presented as a grid:

  • Row items indicate the date, time, and user who edited the asset.
  • Columns indicate attributes that are configured with attribute history.

Each row reflects each attribute's value at the time the asset was edited. Note that a new history record is still created when an asset's attributes are edited whether or not historical attributes were changed. In addition to viewing an asset's attribute record, this tab allows you to:

  • Scroll across records both vertically and horizontally. Note that the first two columns always display regardless of your horizontal scroll position, and column headers always display regardless of your vertical scroll position. 
  • Each column can be expanded, shrunk, or reordered by double-clicking a column's header.
  • Highlight columns, rows, cells, or the whole grid.
  • Filter historical records based on keyword, or use the calendar picker to search for changes made on a specific date.
  • Download the asset's attribute history with the downward arrow icon found along the top-left of the tab.

Searching attribute history

You can search attribute history across all assets by selecting the Attribute history search option from the search bar. You can search by:

  • Attribute name
  • Attribute values
  • The user who edited the value
  • The date or range the change occurred

Exporting history data

Attribute history can either be downloaded on an asset's detail page via the Attribute history tab or via a download action on a single or selection of assets when you select Export attributes


When attribute history has been configured for your site, administrators will need to enable history on each attribute they would like to track. Do this by editing or adding an attribute and checking the History box.

Advanced settings

Attribute history is not enabled by default in NetX, nor for individual attributes once it has been enabled in the system. An attribute's history will only be logged if the following properties and attribute settings are configured.




Requires restart?


True/FalseDetermines whether or not attribute history is enabled for your site.Yes


Hourly, daily, weekly, never

Determines how often attribute history values are indexed for the attribute history search feature. Yes