For each asset, NetX records a storage location status type in the database. This status can also be viewed in Asset Detail View in Overview > Location.

TypeintegerDescriptionForbidden Actions
UNKNOWN0The file associated with the asset is not available. This status is often used for "placeholders", which are assets that were created with only metadata, and never had a file. Additionally, if a file was lost (for whatever reason), its status will change to UNKNOWN. That is, this can be somewhat ambiguous as to whether it was the result of a deliberate workflow, or was the result of an error.

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ONLINE1The file associated with the asset is available, and is in a file path that is readily accessible. Any asset files stored locally with have this designation.
NEARLINE2Any HTTP (or remotely) stored asset file — Amazon S3 for example — will be designated as "nearline". This denotes that the file is assumed to be generally available, but it's not immediately available without first fetching the remote file.
OFFLINE3If an asset is "imported" into an "offline" location, the asset file will not be retained. It will simply be used to analyze the file for metadata, and to generate proxies. Otherwise, it will be discarded. That is, you might register a "DVD" as an "offline" location, and use NetX as a catalog for files on that DVD. These assets can't be downloaded, nor can any action that requires access to tune file be executed (repurpose, checkout, et al).Download, Repurpose, Checkout, Zoom
TEMP4Files that are normally "nearline", but have been fetched from their remote home, are stored in various temporary directories. When they live in these states, the status of the asset is changed to TEMP to denote that the asset is ready to accept actions that require access to the underlying asset file. Files that live in these temporary directories are assumed to be transient, and often can be deleted at any moment; when they are, their status reverts back to NEARLINE.
CHECKOUT5Assets that are "checked out" have a special status. This denotes that the asset file should remain locked; various actions that normally can be performed on an asset are suspended while the asset remains "checked out".Download, Repurpose, Checkout
IMPORT_IN_PROGRESS6This is a special, transient state that is set for assets that are in the process of being imported.No actions are available.