Image assets uploaded to NetX receive a zoomable preview, accessible via the asset detail page. NetX utilizes two zooming systems: tile zoom and quick zoom. Tile zoom is the default setting used in both NetX and Portals; it will magnify the asset up to 100% of the size of the original. Quick zoom will enlarge an asset at up to 1000 pixels at the longest edge. The type of zoom and its settings will depend on your site's configuration, and any available transcoding engines.

Zoom settings

PropertyValuesDescriptionRequires restart?
True / FalseIf this property is true, zoom tiles are enabled. If this property is false, zoom tiles are disabled.Yes
True / False If this property is true, zoom tiles will be cached for a certain period of time. This can drastically improve the performance of viewing zoomed assets, but requires storage in addition to the storage used for the original asset. If this property is false, zoom tiles will not be cached and will be generated with every zoom view.Yes
NumberThis property determines the amount of storage, in GBs, allowable for cached zoom tiles. If the value of this property is 0, there will be no storage limit to zoom caches. This property requires the value of zoom.files.cache to be trueYes
PercentageThis property determines the compression setting used while generating image zoom tiles. The value of this property should be the percentage of compression from 1 (heavy compression) to 100 (no compression). Yes

Advanced settings

PropertyValuesDescriptionRequires restart?
True / FalseIf this property is true, any zoomed images will be converted to an sRGB color profile. If this property is false, the original image's color profile is used. The  ImageMagick transcoding engine is required for this property to be enabled. Yes

MediaRich zoom

Equilibrium's MediaRich transcoding engine provides an enhanced zoom option; in order to use MediaRich to create zooms, see our MediaRich installation guide. In order to use MediaRich when creating zooms, the following properties must be configured according to the tables below.

 If your site is configured with a brand watermark , the watermark will not  be applied to zooms created with MediaRich.

Enabled properties

PropertyValueDescriptionRequires restart?
TrueIf this property is true, the MediaRich plugin is enabled. If this property is false, it is disabled.Yes
TrueIf this property is true, the MediaRich plugin will be used when creating zoom views. If this property is false, no zooms will be created even if MediaRich is otherwise enabled.Yes

Disabled properties

In order to enable MediaRich zoom views, the following properties must be set to false

PropertyValueRequires restart?