You can download the latest versions of NetX products by using the links below. Accessing these downloads requires an account on our Service Portal. For more information on our release policy and recommended upgrade cycle, please see Release Policy.

ProductLatest versionDownload linkImportant notesInstallation guideRelease notes

  • These installation packs are only available for use by customers that have an on-premise installation. If your site is hosted by NetX, please contact support to have your site upgraded.
  • Read Upgrading to NetX 9: On-premise Infrastructure Changes before updating your site.
  • Always backup your data before attempting an upgrade: Backing Up NetX
  • As of 8.10, we are deprecating support for Oracle. Please submit a support ticket if you have questions about upgrading if you are using one of those products. See Supported Platforms for more information on which database engines are currently supported for use with NetX.

  • Starting in 8.9, all NetX instances running MySQL will require the use of the InnoDB storage engine. ISAM is no longer supported. Your NetX instance will shut down during the upgrade to 8.9 if InnoDB is not in use.

  • Some versions of NetX include database schema changes that could take a long time to process for customers that have large amounts of data. Please be patient when upgrading from a previous version and do not kill the process if it seems to be taking longer than normal.
  • NetX 8.x will require a new license key to be issued for existing customers. This is offered free of charge to any customers with a valid support contract. Please contact Support if you would like to upgrade to version 8.x.
  • In 7.2, major changes were made to the application folder structure. Windows users must use the NetX installer to upgrade from pre-7.2 versions to 7.2 or later. BEFORE running the installer, please contact support to verify that all application directories reside in the correct locations.
  • If you're using a version prior to 7, please contact support prior to upgrading to the version posted above. Considering the upgrade to many significant internal components, we would like to assist you in developing an upgrade plan. For example, NetX 7 includes changes to the scripts used to start Tomcat. If you have made changes to the JAVA_OPTS environment variable in Tomcat's '' (increasing the starting heap size, for example) you will need to instead set these options in the script '' (this file will need to be created if it does not already exist). The '' script will continue to be used for custom JVM options, so no further changes will be necessary once you have added the settings there.
NetX Installation Guide for Windows

NetX 9 Release Notes

NetX I/O


Linux and CLI users: please download the netxio-x.x.x.jar file.

NetX I/O 4 Installation GuideNetX I/O 4 Release Notes

Adobe CC Panel

4.2 (compatible with NetX 8.12)

4.1 (compatible with NetX 8.11) use with Adobe Creative Cloud only. Requires valid license, please contact to purchase.

Adobe CC Panel 4 User Guide - Mac

Adobe CC Panel 4 User Guide - Windows

Adobe CC Panel 4 Release Notes

InDesign CloudLink (CC 2018) (CC 2017) Adobe CC Panel 4.0+. Compatible with Adobe CC 2017 and 2018. Requires valid license, please contact to purchase.InDesign CloudLink User GuideIndesign CloudLink Release Notes

JIRA Connect

1.1.1 (JIRA 7)

1.0.5 (JIRA 6) use with Atlassian JIRA 6-7 only. Requires valid license.Please contact for assistance with JIRA ConnectContact for more information