Starting in version 8.12, the NetX application can send diagnostic and other anonymized data to NetX for analysis. This data-gathering helps us understand what functions and modules are being used more than others. Additionally, it provides various scale data — minimums, maximums and averages to better guide our QA endeavors.

Can I opt out?

The following property governs whether your NetX instance will send analytics data to NetX.

PropertyPossible valuesDescription
warehouse.enabledtrue, falseStarting in NetX 8.12, this property is automatically set to true. If you wish to disable NetX data-analysis, please set this to false.

Is the data secure?

NetX takes security and privacy very seriously. The data retrieved never includes any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) — names and the like are never sent. Please note: administrative email addresses (from configuration properties) may be included, which may overlap with registered users in some cases. Furthermore, this data falls under NetX's Privacy Policy; and therefore NetX will never share this data with any third party. It is only used internally for diagnostic purposes.

What kind of data is collected?

NetX is interested in configuration and usage data to address the goals above (including better QA, and guidance for our Product Roadmap). The types of data provided include:

  • Scale data: totals for storage, assets, attributes, users, groups, permissions, etc.
  • Configuration: various properties set on the system
  • File formats: what is stored and how many of each
  • AutoTasks and DSS: how many and what are they doing?
  • User agents: allowing us to understand browser popularity
  • Stats: allowing us to understand usage patterns (this data is anonymized and condensed into simple totals — no specific usage is sent).