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Asset relationships is a feature that allows you to link related assets. Linked assets appear on an asset's detail page under the Relationships tab. 

Linking assets

  1. Select the assets you would like to link. 
  2. Use the selection bar action menu and choose Relationships.
  3. Select Link from the workflow screen.
  4. Click Confirm to link the assets; click Cancel to cancel the action. This cannot be undone once Confirm is selected.

De-linking assets

  1. Select the assets you want to delink.
  2. Use the action menu of the selection bar; click Relationships.
  3. Choose Delink.
  4. There will be two options when de-linking assets: Remove relationships between selected assets and Remove ALL relationships. The former will only de-link currently selected assets from each other; the latter will remove all relationships any of your selected assets, including related assets that are not in your selection.

Hidden assets

Once assets have been linked, each one will have a Hidden toggle on the Relationships tab. This toggle will prevent the asset from appearing in search results for any user who is not an administrator. This includes all gallery views such as folders or collections. The asset can still be accessed via its direct URL, if permitted.

Advanced settings

PropertyValue optionsDescriptionRequires Restart?


true, false

If this property is true, administrators will be able to hide assets on a linked asset's Relationships tab. If false, the hidden toggle will not be available.

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